Vendor Info


Night Markets: Alma Mater | Museum of Glass | 7 Seas Brewing:Gig Harbor  


•Indoor Booths- 6x5 or 7x4 $100

•Outdoor Booths- 10x10 $100

•Financial Assistance available, please inquire within the application

•If you would like to share a booth with another vendor please both fill in an application and make a note of who you are hoping to share with.

•Acceptance emails go out 20 days prior to each event.  If you do not receive an email, we are sorry but there was not enough space for you at this time.  

•Please apply to as many dates as you wish to participate in.  If you apply to more than one market there is no need to attach photos beyond the first application.

•Due to the high volume of applications we receive we do not have space for everyone who applies each month. We apologize if you do not get in to the market right away, we do wish to work with you in the future.  Thank you for your application! 



Thank you for your interest in joining our community!!


*I'm sorry but no Direct Sales (multi-level marketing) at this time.